Natural Movement Chi Kung

Queenstown Chi Kung Workshops

The workshops in Chi Kung are an ongoing series that interested participants can enter at any point. The workshops can either be attended individually or as a whole series. 

The overall intention of the workshops is to present Chi Kung as a way to open up to a deeper and richer connection to the life force within the human system and within Nature. In particular to listen and be aware of the subtle power of your health and become more aware of movements of Chi within your body and mind.

DragonThe workshops will teach the following skills:

  • self reflection
  • stability and groundedness
  • stillness of mind and body
  • sensitivity to Chi
  • use of intention
  • strength, stamina and flexibility
  • synchronicity of movement, along with an understanding and appreciation of the body's structure, traditional Chinese medical concepts and Taoist philosophy.

Workshop Format

A series of 10 workshops is offered as weekend workshops covering a range of foundational material that represent a grounding in Elemental Chi Kung. Students are encouraged to practice daily and to study some of the basic literature in the field in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Chi Kung. 

Each day will run from 10-5 each day with a lunch and tea breaks. The day will be mostly experiential work following a series of Chi Kung forms and exploring the different aspects of the workshop theme

For those students wishing to deepen their knowledge of Chi Kung there will be some guided learning to study between workshops and for those wishing to teach, an additional set of studies along with supervision during the workshops.


Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe

Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe is the founder and director of the Soul Centre ( She has been working in movement, holistic health and wellbeing for over 15 years. She is an established artist, choreographer, filmmaker, dancer and poet and has performed all over the world. She is also one of New Zealand’s top somatic practitioners and has a current practice combining, biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, massage, movement therapy, dance, yoga, chi kung and meditation. She is a Skinner Releasing Technique certified teacher, a Shin Somatics Registered Movement Therapist and Trainer (with EastWest Somatics), a certified Birth into Being instructor and is delighted to be a facilitator for the College of Elemental Chi Kung- she is a registered member of ISMETA and has taught somatics and movement in many institutions, universities, training programs and communities, worldwide (

Asho Gevorgyan 

Asho Gevorgyan has been continuously inspired to explore movement, meditation and energy practices since her late teens.  Over many years she has been refining, widening and delving deeper into her personal practice.  This is strongly reflected in her energetic and creative approach to her teaching.  She facilitates classes and workshops in a wide variety of genres including dance, Pilates, yoga, meditation, Sufi techniques, Tantra and Chi Kung. She has studied these modalities with a variety of teachers over many years. Asho is an Osho follower and has been a sannyasin for the past 20 years. She has a degree in Architecture.


Price and Payment

The price for each workshop is NZ$350. The workshops are non-residential. 

For those wishing to attend the whole series the payment of the full course fee up front attracts a discounted fee of NZ$3000. 


To Apply please contact the Soul Centre


The venue is tbd

The course offers an integrative approach to Chi Kung that is true to its classical origins and includes Western body-mind concepts.


Soul Centre on 09 817 3051



5 Elemental Symbols

Dates for the Workshop Series

Intro Evenings:
21st April At Lululemon
22nd April at Nadi Remarkables

Water Forms
22-23 April 2017

Fire Forms
24-25 June 2017 

Earth Forms
26-27 August 2017

Wood Forms
8-9 October 2017

Metal Forms
2-3 December 2017

Times 10-5pm